Why’s she being so damn basic?

To the people wondering why I’ve declared myself ‘basic’ I thought I might explain. For years I’ve been called ‘basic’, ‘a basic bitch’,’ fake’ or ‘a try hard’. Let me tell you something, this doesn’t make you basic. Who’s to say I can’t like marble print or rose gold without being pinned as just your run of the mill girl?

It’s taken me a while to get to this point but by having fake nails or a tan you aren’t basic. None of us are basic every person has a unique story and if those things make you confident why stop? However, I have decided to embrace the title to those that love to call me it so often.  So hell yeah I love my nails, tan, makeup and fashion trends. Basic doesn’t mean you’re conforming or that you aren’t unique its the term used by those that are shallow themselves only judging you on appearance.

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