Ever have those days where everyone tells you you’re having a bad day but it hasn’t registered with you yet…. like you’re oddly fine?

Today I failed a really important assignment, I had a tutor accuse me of copying and found out one of my employees thinks I’m not good enough to be manager.

Four times today I’ve been handed the saying “wow you’re having a bad day”

It  just hasn’t registered with me yet, my usual dramatic self would break down in tears and say why me but today I just haven’t bothered to care.. odd.

Funny enough I keep seeing myself look at the positives, “oh well I can resubmit for that task”, ” oh well it’s just one employee out of heaps” and ” I know I didn’t copy so what does it matter?”

Maybe this is a sign I’ growing up… who would have thought!

Good night my loves,

Ciao x

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