The Art of Giving Too Many Fucks

Hello my fellow over thinkers,

A little fun fact about me … well more a crippling habit I have is that of an overthinker.

I have this amazing ability .. could even be considered a superpower of being able to make tiny things become a do or die moment life altering decision or action for me. Whether it be university, the need to plan my upcoming holiday with my significant other or even what time I’m meeting someone.. nothing ever just seems to be easy breezy for me.

The idea of spontaneity is something that is just foreign to me.

I can say opposites do attract, this is something I can put my hand on my heart and tell you is true. My partner is the most casual, laid back, go with the damn flow guy you’d ever meet, me on the other hand have a grand total of 0 of his traits. I guess that’s why we can be considered a close to perfect match.

Remarkably nothing phases him, he keeps me level headed and often refers to me by the pet name he’s created ‘day time Emmy’. Now if that isn’t an accurate description of me I don’t know what is!

What are your tips and tricks to keeping your overthinking minds from wandering a bit too far.

My latest trick is bath bombs and facemasks .. lush has quite a way with me

Ciao lovers x


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