21 going on …. Oh my god I’m old!!

21 going on …. Oh my god I’m old!!

Hey Lovers,

Oh my gosh yes that’s right RIP to my birthday month until next year rolls around again!

I have officially been 21 years old for a month and wow what changes I have had.

I have had conversations of officially moving out of my family home – OMG

I have been looking at potentially getting my first dog – OMG ( suggestions of breeds welcome)

I have had 2 friends get engaged – OMG!

I graduate University next year- OMG!!!

I can’t believe these are even conversations and experiences I’m having!

I remember being in high school talking about what it would be like to move out and be independent and them being so far away and now I come home to find myself having a coffee and house hunting!

How times are changing hey, what exciting things are happening with you guys?

Ciao x



Hey guys back again, so big you know what to the loser hacker xoxo

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