Check that Check!

Check that Check!

Hey lovers,

Let’s talk winter wardrobe! When it comes to seasonal dressing let me just tell you I could not love winter more! I am here to offer my top tips and tricks to be the friend others flick snapchats to for outfit approval and being branded the ‘trendy friend’.

1 word lovers, Pintrest!

This is the holy grail, this site lets you search outfits and create boards where you can find inspo, I personally create them per season then whip it out during my shopping sprees to find similar outfits! It works a treat in finding outfits that can be paired with lots of different looks .. I vary rarely get seen wearing the same outfit twice because of this sneaky technique, finding accessories make or break an outfit!

This season I’ve found some of the on trend check products you can find from vogue, Harper’s Bazar and Elle on the cheap. Winter is the season you can say hell yes to whipped cream on your hot chocolate without everyone seeing it a day later, thanks to that gorgeous coat you just spent your last 3 pay checks on from Marcs.

For my Aussie readers, ‘The Iconic’ has some affordable options. I’m talking these Steels heels for only $30 and if you’re really in the mood to treat yourself I found these stunning boots in ‘Fashion Bunker’ (and yes they’re online too).  Your Check flare does not only have to be on your feet though, I love going all black and a checked skirt, very chic and fashion forward without drawing attention to yourself like you just stepped off the ‘MSGM’ runway.

When it comes to standing out as fashion forward but not wanting the .. “okay too far factor” I suggest making your accessories the wow factor. From those tassel earrings, to those dusk shoes let them be your self-expression.

Effortlessly flawless never goes out of style.

Ciao x

Ludic Life ☼

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Hey guys back again, so big you know what to the loser hacker xoxo

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