Karma removes the drama

Hey lovers,

It’s been a while hasn’t it?

First of all thanks for waiting, I do love those of you that have reached out on twitter!

Karma I’d say this has had to have been the theme of July for me.

I have endured some pretty touch friendship moments in the past few weeks and I finally admitted to my family I can’t take anymore! I took some leave from work just to stop, reflect and breathe. It helped, I don’t want to say I had a breakdown but looking back on it all I can think is that is exactly what it was.

I struggle sometimes to understand what I have done to people for them to have such strong dislike towards me, I wish I could read minds!

My partner said something to me in this slightly dark time that struck a cord ‘ Have you ever thought maybe you aren’t the problem but the goal?’ This translates to ‘ Have you ever thought maybe they look at you and see your successes and it upsets them they don’t have the same? He’s pretty profound – I really think the kids an old soul ( He gets really grumpy over parking lines and staying up late haha).

So my lovers, I urge you to reflect and to realise maybe that person that has it out for you is just like our mum’s told us ‘ just jealous’

With all my love,

Ciao x


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