A Hot Minute

A Hot Minute

Hey Lovers,

I owe you an apology… I’m so sorry I haven’t been active as much as I usually am on here. Between launching my you tube channel, podcast and my blog I have really felt a bit overwhelmed. But enough of that! It has been a hot minute since we spoke so here are some life updates.

I have got an interview for my dream job next week which if I land I get to go to Melbourne for training!! ANNDDD It’s a job in fashion.. I know *dying*

This job will mean however I will need to say farewell to my manager’s job at my current employment – I do feel like it is well and truly my time to leave though.

In other news, my Europe trip is coming up fast and I’m beyond excited for it. But God it is expensive!

I hope you are all well,

I appreciate each and everyone of you!

Jump on to my youtube to see me in action


Ciao x


Hey guys back again, so big you know what to the loser hacker xoxo

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