New year New thoughts

Hey lovers,

Where ever you are in the world welcome and happy damn new year. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am.

Today, I come to you from my European adventure I have so far conquered Brighton and London and as of tomorrow Amsterdam. Paris is the next leg of the journey and I’m so looking forward to it – I’m ready for pastry and romantic sights to fill the next five days.

Fashion so far…. Europe my word i’m impressed I can say with certainty that we are really out of our league in Australia.

Like many things, travel makes you adventurous and courageous it brings out the side of you and aspects of your personality many never knew existed.

I find myself drifting and playing with the idea of moving here, I love it but I also love my home and family, I love this place – I hope it loves me just as much


Ciao x

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