Amsterdam all kinds of wonderful

Amsterdam all kinds of wonderful

Hello lovers,

Right now I’m sitting on the train traveling to Paris.

I am studying the landscape outside the small window my neighbour so kindly decided to only leave a smidge open!  Through the crack, the Dutch countryside is slipping away as we travel at speed towards Brussels.

Amsterdam was a city I doubt few are like in the world. The people are kind, funny and considerate and are so proud of their culture.

A country full of more than just legalised drugs and sex it was an experience I don’t think i’ll have for a long time, if ever again. From finally visiting Anne Frank’s house to seeing small towns that are full of windmills I enjoyed every second of it.

To find a place in the world that has a strong and heartwarming heritage and can take life a little less seriously then the rest of the world has been eye-opening and has taught me maybe I should lighten up a bit.

Thank you Amsterdam for your hospitality, culture and for telling me to ” Relax dude!”

I’ll remember you forever,

Ciao x


Hey guys back again, so big you know what to the loser hacker xoxo

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  • the #1 Itinerary January 8, 2019 at 12:58 pm

    Great post 😀

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