Confessions of a traveling fashion queen

Confessions of a traveling fashion queen

Hello my lovers,

Let us discuss the world-wide epidemic of over packing. Take a seat, grab a glass of wine and let’s dive into that suitcase you’re staring at.


The struggle of packing for amazing countries that are widely considered fashion capitals is a lot of pressure. To be fashionable and well prepared for any occasion is absolutely caused me some anxiety from time to time so let me assist you with my top three travelling tips!


  1. Pack black and a splash– black is a staple, this colour will save you. I always store at least five black tops in a suitcase. Generally, I go with one long sleeve and short bodysuit, two t-shirts and one woolly black top.


Wondering what that splash is? Well, a splash of colour of course! Accessories are a super easy way to achieve a chic look as well as keeping your suitcase full of room for your fashion binge that you and I both know is inevitable.

  1. The buy and toss technique- Now this and love or hate suggestion, leave your favourite boots at home and buy a cheap pair. Buy a pair you only slightly like, it will help you say goodbye at the end of the trip a lot easier.  Wear your subpar boots throughout your trip and toss them before you leave. This is a life saver, my constant concern for travelling is the weight of my suitcase I always seem to scrape by (Touch wood!!!) so when it comes to heading home the first things to go are the cheap shoes.


  1. Packing cubes save lives – Using packing cubes is the most efficient and well-organised way to maintain your suitcase throughout a trip. It also saves room…. for all the new clothes. They retail at approximately $10 AUD so don’t break the bank in any means.


I really hope this helped you as much as it helped me, all my love


Ciao x



Hey guys back again, so big you know what to the loser hacker xoxo

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