The three savage things you need to hear to be a Bad Bitch in 2019

The three savage things you need to hear to be a Bad Bitch in 2019

Hey Boo,

Yep I’m talking to you!

2019 is a fresh start and we may be 22 days in but hun we are here for the long hall! To take 2019 and make it your side piece, listen up because you my darling are going to own this year!

1.Prep where you can – Okay so yes YOLO and ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ as much as you want but to rule you gotta be on your game and the only way to do that is organisation! Sit down with your coffee and decided what you want… what you really want. Writing something down makes more likely you’ll do it. I myself did this and I’ll tell you what, it worked.. I’m making moves ya’ll.

2.Time is precious- 2019 is the year of ‘It’s all about me k?” So Hun don’t text him back, be like Ari and buy ya friend a damn ring and live your best life. Life is too short to be putting your time into anyone not doing so in return. Think about the amazing person who is waiting for you to be done with that loser. Life advice- Someone who makes you cy more than laugh has gotta go! Please keep in mind this applies to anyone even friends.

3.Breath- Life is hard but so are you, remember that. Take time to stop, breath and know everything is temporary. Nothing lasts, if life’s a bit shit know it’s not forever. In our current world life moves fast so take time to stop it, have a coffee and do nothing, go to the beach late at night and watch the water, just stop.. when you do it’s beautiful.

Have a wonderful 2019, I can’t wait to hear how amazing you make it

All my love,

Aesthetically Basic


Hey guys back again, so big you know what to the loser hacker xoxo

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