3 Break- Up rules to follow for a speedy recovery

Hey Lovers,

Now damn I’m sorry I know it must suck right now, trust me i’ve been there but hey I’m about to speed this up for you.

RULE #1 : Keep Busy

It may seem simple but honestly the more you leave your room, house or blanket cocoon the better. Being outside, it keeps you busy and naturally you are distracted. It really helped me, I kept my days full and by the time I got to bed at night I just crashed.

RULE #2: Take up a new hobby

It may sound silly, but putting a new passion in your life honestly feels like changing the batteries. You’re a new person!

Many of us become consumed in relationships, the other person is an extension of us. So when they aren’t there we become lost. So by giving yourself a new layer you start to feel yourself again. This new hobby could be as simple as going to the beach or gym, or as crazy as skydiving – you decide.

RULE #3 Delete and Forget

now I know this is a hard one, but it’s also the most important.

If you are done and I mean done. Delete and forget. You and I both know you’re gonna stalk the insta, facebook and Snap, so stop yourself. Delete them and block them! That includes their number – Let’s not give you the option to send that message you’re wanting to and wishing to receive. A good piece of advice to remember is, if you’ve had to go on a break it isn’t right. If someone needs/wants a break from you they are your person.

Okay my loves,

Remember I’m only a click away,

All my love,

Aesthetically Basic

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