Beauty – Faking it is okay… Okay?

Beauty – Faking it is okay… Okay?

Hey Lovers,

Today I want to address something.

NoW I totally understand things like botched and how extreme, that those people are fighting something alot stronger than their looks. But also that it’s okay because they choose that and it makes them happy. I find in this world of Instagram and ‘selfies’ we all feel pressure to conform and the idea of beauty is always changing.

10 years ago, ‘THIC‘ wasn’t as appealing as it is now, and my big bum wasn’t on show but rather hidden. The phrase “Does my bum look big in this?” being the most common one while shopping. Things change, nothing is permanent!

I am a self-confessed fake tanner, I tan because it makes me feel more confident. I find daily, people approaching me telling me I should stop. I’m always asked if my skin colour is real etc and the list goes on.

I felt the need this morning after yet another person saying this, to come on here and say it’s OKAY! How do we live in a world of Instagram, Facetune and people are being shunned for fake tanning?

I’m here to tell you, YOU do YOU! Want fake lashes? – Go get them and have some bomb ass eyes! You want to fake tan? – Well God damn you look like a summer Goddess hun. Whatever it is, be you and love it.

I’m sick of being picked on for liking myself, and I may have fake lashes, fake tan and try every instagram ad under the sun but my personality is as real as can be.

Be your beautiful self girls and boys and don’t change for anyone,

All my love,

Aesthetically Basic


Hey guys back again, so big you know what to the loser hacker xoxo

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