How to find your blogging community

Hi Lovers,

I’m back again with some blogging advice.

To start off, NO I’m not your blogger with a 100,000 strong following but hey i’m someone that loves what they do, just like you! So here are some tips on what I have discovered about blogging.

I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent reading, commenting and trying to understand blogging….. alot of which just plain and simple does not work.

To find what really clicks with readers (no pun intended), is you need to give a variety of options. I will write blogs on travel, advice, fashion, life experiences and even came up with a series have called ‘ Basically Abroad’ which talks about my travel stories. I have found the blog posts that gain the most traffic are those that discuss blogging advice and those involving travel. After learning this I have made sure I allocate at least one or two posts on these topics a week. This really has helped me!

Another learning curve I had, And I know you won’t all like this… Is investing in your blog.

By this, I mean allowing yourself to commit in the way of presenting a professional website. I bought my theme off On this site there are some very cheap and worthwhile themes, many of these are specifically made to adapt to mobile devices! Buying a theme has absolutely made me more committed, ait has also helped me to stand out from the crowd and really personalise my blog.

I have seen an 80% growth in my blog’s traffic since changing my theme, it also enables widgets which help increase traffic, clicks and encourages things such as subscriptions. I hope this helped lovers

(Let me know your tips and tricks too!!)

All my love,

Aesthetically Basic

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  1. I totally agree with investing in your blog, especially when it’s something you want to make a career out of !! There are definitely no shortcuts in blogging success! I actually just went self hosted not too long ago so I’m still learning a lot that! Thanks for posting where you found your theme at because Lord knows I was needing help with finding some good ones! Thank you for this! Great post and I hope when you get the chance you’ll check out my most recent post today

      1. You’re welcome! I’ve been eyeballing their site every since I’ve read about it in your blog and I’m kind of nervous to purchase a theme! I guess I’m just curious on how everything actually works when I buy it if that makes sense .

      2. I cleared mine with wordpress first to make sure it would be a good fit and it was one of the best investments yet! Highly recommend! I could do a blog post on it if you’d be interested in more details?

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