How to style by Pinterest

How to style by Pinterest

Hi Lovers,

Today i’m letting you in on my style plan.

Every season I sit down, get out my phone, and do the same thing to ensure I can remain fashionable all season long.

Pinterest my loves is key!!

Start by creating a board and giving the board a title – I usually just write the season and the year…. creative I know!

From here I jump onto the browse page and look at all the different trends that are up! Living in Australia, we generally get everything six months after the U.S and U.k! So by going on Pinterest, I get to pretty much see a preview of what will be coming to stores in a few months.

From here, once my board has a reasonable amount of pictures I’ll jump on sites such as ‘Missguided’, ‘Top-Shop’ etc and start buying their on sale items that are dupes for those I have on my Pinterest board! – They’re on sale as they are at the end of the season overseas.

Obviously, this can be reversed for those of you, not in Australia! So wanting swimwear for Summer or a summer dresses? Jump onto some aussie websites for some real steals. Eng ‘Princess Polly’ and ‘Showpo’

Let me know what you’re Pinterest are so I can give it a look!

All my love,

Aesthetically Basic

Don’t forget to click the Pinterest icon on the homepage to see my own account and outfits!!


Hey guys back again, so big you know what to the loser hacker xoxo

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