How to sell yourself as a Fashion Blogger

How to sell yourself as a Fashion Blogger

So you’re wondering why you aren’t cutting it with the bomb pictures you see the likes of Shani and Jaclyn are throwing out on the gram?

We’ll here are some super easy poses and tools to get you started!

  • Camera – especially those with Portrait mode
  • Confidence – Non – negotiable
  • Sunglasses – Instant coolness
  • A coffee cup – are we millennials if we aren’t fuelled by it?

Just kidding on a few of those guys! – Here are a few from my own account

Okay lets get down to it!

Pose like you know you’re a 10. Confidence can be seen through a photo so pose like you have a $100,000 sponsorship and it will come through in the photo.

Bright images are more aesthetically pleasing – the brighter and more colourful an image the more pleasing it is on the gram. Weird I know – we are creatures that like Aesthetically nice things – Well I mean read the name of the blog!

Now my final tip is actually the hack of all hacks – This is in no way uncovering any secrets or encouraging you to take part. The hack instagramers use is ‘Facetune’ – this app lets you enhance, brighten and alter an image. It has airbrush features that of course will give you that instagram glow but please use with caution and remeber ……… INSTAGRAM ISN’T REAL.

I hope this gave you a few ideas and insight into the instagram hacks our favs use!

Don’t forget to let me know your tips, tricks and of course don’t forget to follow for more content!

Love always,

Aesthetically Basic – A millennial’s guide for millennials


Hey guys back again, so big you know what to the loser hacker xoxo

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