How to create your own fashion blog

How to create your own fashion blog

Hey Lovers,

You asked for it so here it is!

Today i’m going to give you some of my absolute key tips to creating a fashion blog, that you probably haven’t heard before!!

TIP # 1

Pinterest– To begin any fashion blog you need a pinterest account, this site assists with ideas, inspo, advice and is a super easy way to draw traffic to your blog!

TIP # 2

Creative Market– I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again, this site is AMAZING!! Creative market allows for you to customise and create a unique website that has the ability to stand out from the rest. With reasonably priced themes and options it’s a great investment for serious bloggers.

TIP #3

Domain Security – Okay so this one you might know, it is super important to secure your domain guys! Across absolutely every platform whether you use it or not you have to secure them!! Please, please make sure they are owned by you. WordPress users this also means making sure you are a account.

TIP #4

Photos – now, what would a fashion blog be without photos?! Make sure you’re page is well light and stimulating to your readers. Making content that is visually pleasing is such a huge part of the job!

Now that’s all for now, I hope you got a few tips from me today lovers that have inspired you just a little more!

All my love,

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Hey guys back again, so big you know what to the loser hacker xoxo

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