Confessions of a retail worker

Hey Lovers,

Today I’m venting and letting you in on the inside conversations of retail workers!!

Unfortunately, blogging is not my full time job…. yet so retail is my day job.

Working in this industry exposes you to people whom you may not choose to interact with!

Alot of people probably don’t know how annoying the things they do and say trigger us, but the truth is you irritate the HELL out of us!!

So lovers if you’re a fellow retailer – relate hard and enjoy this and if you’re not here is a sneak peak into our world.


  1. Clicking – Do not, I repeat Do Not use any of the follow techniques to attract my attention. Snapping, clicking, clapping or and or any other action you may use to attract attention that is commonly used on animals. It’s plain rude, and well, instantly makes me disinterested in helping you.
  2. Hangers – Whether it’s in the changing room or at the cash point, we HATE when you leave hangers or take them off for us. Obviously, thanks for trying to help but it’s actually slowing us down. Hangers are used to flip the clothes while scanning, so you slow the process if we need to scramble around for tags. Susan, it won’t make me any quicker – I know you’re in a rush hun! Onto leaving hangers in the fitting rooms: This is an absolute pet hate – if you’re given a number that states how many garments you take into the changing room, why on earth do you leave them in there? What would the purpose of the number be? So, therefore, leaving the hangers in there and dumping a pile of seven dresses on the fitting room counter is a pain in the ass and slows down the next person coming into that change room as I now need to go clear it out for you!
  3. ‘It must be free!’ – Dear God you must have a death wish! Do not ever say this to a sales assistant, your joke is the same one we’ve heard 1000 times before, no exaggeration.
  4. ‘I’m in a bit of a rush’ – Now, I never understand why people say that to me. What impact is that suppose to make? I do not process sales slowly for fun, in fact, I try to get you through as quickly as possible. So, when hit with this little line nothing makes me slower. If you’re in a rush plain and simple don’t go shopping.
  5. Look at the clock – Now, this is a big one. Look at the clock ladies and gentlemen. If it is five minutes till a store closes…. DO NOT GO IN! Be considerate, look at the workers. These kids are in college or high school, they’ve been ready to serve you from 9am till 5 pm sometimes even later. After work, they need to go home to finish an assignment before doing it all again. What alot of people don’t understand is that when they stay past 5pm – we don’t get paid anymore. we are paid till close, not till Simon decides he might go home.

That was for sure a major rant but I think sometimes that everyone needs to work a month in retail to understand what it’s like.

Hope all my fellow retailers make it through another week of madness!

All my love,

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