Three things that seriously increased traffic to my blog

Three things that seriously increased traffic to my blog

Hey Lovers,

Happy Monday! (yuck!)

As we get back into the working week, I thought today I would share three things that help to increase the level of traffic my blog received!

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# 1

So the first thing that hugely impacted my traffic was learning and focusing on SEO. This means Search engine optimisation. Basically, in simple terms this means how easy it is for my blog to be found on the internet. By making sure i’m writing about popular trending topics and using specific key words I increase my chances of being found. (Tagging helps too!)


It may seem silly, and obvious but creating an instagram for my blog has had a giant impact on my blog growing. It acts as a taste tester for readers to understand what my blog is about, in a visual way. i’ve seen alot of people travel over from the link in my accounts bio to come see the full thing. (@aestheticallybasicblog)


Lastly, the best thing I did for my traffic growth was linking my articles to Pinterest! I have had as many as 1.7K followers come view my blog, after seeing one post on Pinterest – CRAZY! So I absolutely recommend doing the same!

All my love,

Aesthetically Basic – A millennial’s guide to life


Hey guys back again, so big you know what to the loser hacker xoxo

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