College outfits that are effortlessly chic

Hey Lovers,

So you are heading to or are currently at College and want to be know as the trend setter huh?

Well here are a few key things that can take your look from average to fashion-forward.

Disclaimer – All images are scouted from Pinterest and not my own!

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Accessory Activist – Below I’ve added a super simple outfit that is so chic purely because of some added pieces. Something to remember is, you can always be fashion forward without looking like you stepped out of a Prada advertisement. This outfit is so simple, yet adds an element of surprise. Featuring a strong piece of jewellery adds an unexpected aspect to her look, which in turn, looks so effortlessly chic. Lucky for those of us on a budget, this look is so achievable.

Layer up – One of the most underrated style hacks is layering. Whether going super casual and using a puffer jacket or wearing a business shirt under a wool sweater, you can’t go wrong. This is a fool-proof way to make sure you look effortlessly chic. A look like this means a messy bun is always appropriate too – win-win hey? Check out the outfit suggestion below!

Sneaker Chic – Nothing says I’m cool and not trying like adding sneakers to your outfit, this makes sure the casual element is accounted for. Yep, a chic outfit is totally college appropriate the second you swap your pumps for a pair of sneakers. Check out below!

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Let me know your college tips too!

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