How to write a fashion blog

How to write a fashion blog

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So today we will be discussing how you should write for a fashion blog. This being explored through what content to write, the tone and how to gain interest.

I’m going to start this entry by addressing that as a blogger looking at my stats, I can see the ridiculously high interest for tips for blogging so I will be investing more energy into that!


Blogging is fun, right? People that come to a blog aren’t looking for a political fact-driven piece they are looking to a friend for advice. I think it’s always important to remember that. Write in a way which draws people in and shines a light on your personality, this is something I make a key focus. In a very competitive field, you must stand out and being you is one sure way to do so!


Create a content schedule (yawn), I know you’ve heard this before. Yep it’s pretty important but what I mean by this, is to actually look at the themes that are popular on fellow bloggers. From here see how you could potentially use a successful theme, and do your own spin on it. I always assess SEO, ( Search engine optimisation) as much as I love having my writing freedom, who wants to write what no one will see? Look at the topics that your readers are interested in, fit your niche and are highly searched.


Aesthetics is important, although it may be slightly more important on my blog it is a key factor. By using images, a clear cut simple layout, it allows for your blog to showcase your writing abilities without becoming a confusing mess. This can leaves readers exiting off your page and onto another for the answers you already had. Be exciting, clean, simple and visual.

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