A day in the life of a Fashion Blogger Collaboration -Slovakian Edition

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So yesterday I introduced you to blogger royalty Nat in my interview ‘Sitting down with Blogger royalty Renegadex7!

If you haven’t had a chance to meet her yet, she’s pretty incredible! With a following of over 10,000 on WordPress alone, she is a force to be reckoned with. Nat has moved over to ‘WordPress’ recently after years of running her ‘Tumblr’ blog with incredible success. Through fashion, reviews and absolute raw talent, she is an inspiration to all writers and one to watch!

Today I have the pleasure of having her guest write on my blog, so read below to see what a ‘Day in the life of a Slovakian blogger’ is really like! If you’d like to see my ‘Day in the life of an Australian blogger’ jump over to Nat’s website renegadex7.com when you’re done exploring this one!

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A day in the life of a Fashion Blogger Collaboration – Slovakian Edition

Hey. Let’s take a look at how does one day in a fashion blogger looks like. In regards to my previous article titled Fashion Sucks where I shared a complicated topic of fashion blogger let me explore the issue further.

There is endless meaning behind the term. Endless possibilities that even thought might not support your image of fashion blogger it simply can’t deny it either.

Being fashion blogger for me means you have this one interest and you’re dedicated to it on different levels. One day all you can think about is the next outfit you’re going to compose. The next one you don’t give a tiniest crap about what you’re wearing or about what anyone is wearing. The other day you’re mad about fast fashion industry creating devastating effect on environment and the next one you’re neck-deep in discounted clothes.

Being a fashion blogger for me means being on a rollercoaster that leads to true content. No matter what the most important feature for me is feeling good in whatever I’m wearing. One day I feel right in simple jeans and shirt and the other I thrive for people turning heads over my outfit.

Finding a middle zone to describe just one day in a life of a fashion blogger turns out to be harder than I imagined it would be. It’s like I’m split.  There is a version of me that has this incredible ideas in her head that could fill out fashion week. There is a version of me feeling guilty for her materialistic consumptions site and there is me begging me to just chill.

Here is how my usual fashion blogger day looks like:

I wake up early for work. It takes me around one hour to complete my morning routine that considers of thorough cleanup of my face, putting my make up on, having breakfast, regular blog updates and email check and what I’m focusing on in this article – choosing my outfit for the day. If you’re expecting some deeper decision-making I’m gonna disappoint you. I’m literally going by “it’s on the top and it’s the first thing that caught my attention”. How sad.  The reason why I never bothered to focus on my morning clothing routine is because I know than in 15 minutes I’ll be changing again. I still want to look nice for that 15 minutes but more importantly I want to be comfortable for those 15 minutes when I’m traveling to work.

I work as a pharmacist assistant in Pragues pharmacy. First thing I do when I come to work is I change to my work clothes which considers of white pants, white shirt, white socks and white shoes. How creative. I spend eight hours a day in white. I bet that’s not how you imagined a fashion blogger would look like. BUT.

Everyday I have my own fashion show as I get to watch thousands of patients walk in my pharmacy and I get to silently judge their outfits as much as I please. It helps me grow a perspective. Prague’s ladies wears a lot of crazy outfits. I’m enjoying the varieties of styles everyday even thought I’m not precipitating myself. Tha’t the fashion blogger I am during my work hours.

The other part of my day is dedicated to my secret fashion life much more. After work is my website work time that goes on till the morning.

On my ride home I’m already checking for news. Instagram is my ultimate source. Having my favourite brands, bloggers and vloggers, fashion icons in one place makes my research much easier. Fashion bloggers this days are gifted with updates from literally everyone. You know what’s going on right away and that’s both blessing and course of this age. You either catch on new trend right away or 3 day passes and you’re out and you hope to catch the next one that’s coming in like few minutes. So you got to pick your battles. You simply can’t catch them all.

So I check out what’s up. What my favourite brands are up to and I’m already brainstorming how to present my research forward with my touch. The minute I get home I’m switching to blogger mode. I have a short time to make a dinner and change to sweatpants. You have to love my outfits.

I’m researching, creating outfits, editing photographs from my good fashion days, checking for best deals, communicating with partnered websites and most importantly writing it all down. That part of my days gives me true satisfaction and pride in calling myself a fashion blogger. The results of my daily fashion brainstorm are up on my website. 

Everyone’s definition of fashion blogger is different just as the days in fashion bloggers lives are. This is a collaboration of two fashion bloggers from other sites of the world. We hope you enjoyed them both.


Head to www.renegade7x.com to read ‘A day in the life of a Fashion Blogger – Australian Edition’ and of course more from Natalia!

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