How im going to get a job at Vogue

How im going to get a job at Vogue


Weird title I know.

So I am sorry, it’s been a minute since i’ve sat down with you.

Currently, I’m on my two week break from university.

Between working and studying full time it feels like for the first time I can breathe.

This year has been one of a lot of self discovery. Every day I find another question plays on my mind or I feel an urge to do something new, kinda starting to feel like a quarter-life crisis is coming on.

One thing I have found consistent through it all is my two major goals for 2019.

I want to begin writing and I want to move out. Both seem to be moving forward.

So guys, I’ve decided my career goal and drive forward will be

To work at Vogue.

Remember back in January’s post ‘January wrapped up’ where I was so beyond sure I had found what I wanted. I guess that dream has just continued to grow.

Now, i’m not one to not practice what I preach so here I am giving you a few updates on what i’ve done to develop my career goals.

Last week, I put my name forward to intern at Sydney’s Australian Fashion Week!

I’m anxiously awaiting the news of whether I have got it or not!

I have also applied for a Bachelor of Journalism as my current degree will be finished at the end of this year! Yikes another three years of study ahead.

Here is my mini list of goals I have set myself:

  • Get an internship at a fashion magazine
  • Published article in a major publication
  • Move to Melbourne
  • Travel the world and get inspired
  • Have my own office space at my new home
  • Work at Vogue!

So there we have it folks, I feel it’s important for me to document these little milstones and thoughts so hopefully one day looking out of my glass walled office in New York I can say,

“I bloody did it!”

Tell me what your goals are?

All my love,

Aesthetically Basic – A millennial’s guide to life


Hey guys back again, so big you know what to the loser hacker xoxo

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