How to write a fashion blog

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How are you?

So today we will be discussing how you should write for a fashion blog. This being explored through what content to write, the tone and how to gain interest.

I’m going to start this entry by addressing that as a blogger looking at my stats, I can see the ridiculously high interest for tips for blogging so I will be investing more energy into that!


Blogging is fun, right? People that come to a blog aren’t looking for a political fact-driven piece they are looking to a friend for advice. I think it’s always important to remember that. Write in a way which draws people in and shines a light on your personality, this is something I make a key focus. In a very competitive field, you must stand out and being you is one sure way to do so!


Create a content schedule (yawn), I know you’ve heard this before. Yep it’s pretty important but what I mean by this, is to actually look at the themes that are popular on fellow bloggers. From here see how you could potentially use a successful theme, and do your own spin on it. I always assess SEO, ( Search engine optimisation) as much as I love having my writing freedom, who wants to write what no one will see? Look at the topics that your readers are interested in, fit your niche and are highly searched.


Aesthetics is important, although it may be slightly more important on my blog it is a key factor. By using images, a clear cut simple layout, it allows for your blog to showcase your writing abilities without becoming a confusing mess. This can leaves readers exiting off your page and onto another for the answers you already had. Be exciting, clean, simple and visual.

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My truth – Talking about my eating disorder

Hey Lovers,

Today I want to be honest with you. 

I struggle, I have and in a small way always will struggle with an eating disorder. 

When I was 16 years old, a really popular guy asked me out, and I said no. He then whispered something to a friend who looked at me and laughed. I didn’t know what he said, but as a defence responded with “I heard that”. As I was leaving school a girl stopped me in front of the whole school, she yelled “he says sorry for calling you a fat c… !” I was horrified, embarrassed and within seconds my life changed.

That one sentence changed my life, I never thought someone could impact me in the way it did. I’m pretty strong. I don’t take any crap, but some how this struck me at the heart of my being.

From that day onwards, I instantly stopped eating. I would allow myself 2 nibbles of a snack bar a day. This meaning I had to be very strategic as to when I would have them. I only did this to stop my stomach rowling in class, I also drank a ridiculous amount of water in an attempt to keep myself full.

Dinner time was the worst time of the day, I’d dread the thought of having to sit with my family, I could feel them watching me and tracking how much I ate.

I started throwing out things from the cupboard when I got to school as I knew my mum was tracking all foods. I was so calculated I could have worked for the FBI. I knew what they were thinking, I could even see them count how many peas I ate. It was awful. I made my mum cry every day. nothing is worse than knowing you’re the reason someone is hurting so badly, but being able to stop yourself.

The following year showed a drastic change in my appearance, I lost 30kg and went on a full rampage anytime someone brought up my lack of eating. I didn’t eat recess or lunch once in my 3 years at my senior high school. Even my friends can recall never seeing me eat. My secret highlight of graduating high school was knowing no one would know what I was eating in a day.

I couldn’t stay awake, I couldn’t remember things. I started to realise something was really wrong. I went to the doctor and although he asked if my eating habits had changed, I continued to lie. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism- I was a staggering 40 years under the average age of diagnosis. It was brought on by my lack of eating. This condition is permanent, I’ll have it for the rest of my life.

My ex actually was the one who stopped me. He let me down and was so toxic in many ways, but actually saved me on this important one. I guess I’ll always be grateful for that.

He sat me down one day and said to me; “I love you more than life itself but won’t watch you waste yours. You need to get better or I’ll have to leave, I can’t watch the person I love disappear”

Although we didn’t work out (and for the best!!) I will always appreciate that. 

I am in no way okay, over it, and truthfully I think about my weight at all hours of the day, every day.  But I eat. I eat every meal and eat junk food too. I push it to the back of my mind most times and by the way I am a very normal size.

I guess my message is, don’t let anyone have an effect on you through words. Words mean nothing unless you give them the power to. I now have a life long condition that started prematurely, purely because of the words of some random guy in high school. A guy who was mad because I rejected him.

Be kind to yourself and one another 

All my love,

Aesthetically Basic – A millennial’s guide to life 

College outfits that are effortlessly chic

Hey Lovers,

So you are heading to or are currently at College and want to be know as the trend setter huh?

Well here are a few key things that can take your look from average to fashion-forward.

Disclaimer – All images are scouted from Pinterest and not my own!

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Accessory Activist – Below I’ve added a super simple outfit that is so chic purely because of some added pieces. Something to remember is, you can always be fashion forward without looking like you stepped out of a Prada advertisement. This outfit is so simple, yet adds an element of surprise. Featuring a strong piece of jewellery adds an unexpected aspect to her look, which in turn, looks so effortlessly chic. Lucky for those of us on a budget, this look is so achievable.

Layer up – One of the most underrated style hacks is layering. Whether going super casual and using a puffer jacket or wearing a business shirt under a wool sweater, you can’t go wrong. This is a fool-proof way to make sure you look effortlessly chic. A look like this means a messy bun is always appropriate too – win-win hey? Check out the outfit suggestion below!

Sneaker Chic – Nothing says I’m cool and not trying like adding sneakers to your outfit, this makes sure the casual element is accounted for. Yep, a chic outfit is totally college appropriate the second you swap your pumps for a pair of sneakers. Check out below!

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Let me know your college tips too!

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Aesthetically Basic – A millennial’s guide to life

Three things that seriously increased traffic to my blog

Hey Lovers,

Happy Monday! (yuck!)

As we get back into the working week, I thought today I would share three things that help to increase the level of traffic my blog received!

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# 1

So the first thing that hugely impacted my traffic was learning and focusing on SEO. This means Search engine optimisation. Basically, in simple terms this means how easy it is for my blog to be found on the internet. By making sure i’m writing about popular trending topics and using specific key words I increase my chances of being found. (Tagging helps too!)


It may seem silly, and obvious but creating an instagram for my blog has had a giant impact on my blog growing. It acts as a taste tester for readers to understand what my blog is about, in a visual way. i’ve seen alot of people travel over from the link in my accounts bio to come see the full thing. (@aestheticallybasicblog)


Lastly, the best thing I did for my traffic growth was linking my articles to Pinterest! I have had as many as 1.7K followers come view my blog, after seeing one post on Pinterest – CRAZY! So I absolutely recommend doing the same!

All my love,

Aesthetically Basic – A millennial’s guide to life

Confessions of a retail worker

Hey Lovers,

Today I’m venting and letting you in on the inside conversations of retail workers!!

Unfortunately, blogging is not my full time job…. yet so retail is my day job.

Working in this industry exposes you to people whom you may not choose to interact with!

Alot of people probably don’t know how annoying the things they do and say trigger us, but the truth is you irritate the HELL out of us!!

So lovers if you’re a fellow retailer – relate hard and enjoy this and if you’re not here is a sneak peak into our world.


  1. Clicking – Do not, I repeat Do Not use any of the follow techniques to attract my attention. Snapping, clicking, clapping or and or any other action you may use to attract attention that is commonly used on animals. It’s plain rude, and well, instantly makes me disinterested in helping you.
  2. Hangers – Whether it’s in the changing room or at the cash point, we HATE when you leave hangers or take them off for us. Obviously, thanks for trying to help but it’s actually slowing us down. Hangers are used to flip the clothes while scanning, so you slow the process if we need to scramble around for tags. Susan, it won’t make me any quicker – I know you’re in a rush hun! Onto leaving hangers in the fitting rooms: This is an absolute pet hate – if you’re given a number that states how many garments you take into the changing room, why on earth do you leave them in there? What would the purpose of the number be? So, therefore, leaving the hangers in there and dumping a pile of seven dresses on the fitting room counter is a pain in the ass and slows down the next person coming into that change room as I now need to go clear it out for you!
  3. ‘It must be free!’ – Dear God you must have a death wish! Do not ever say this to a sales assistant, your joke is the same one we’ve heard 1000 times before, no exaggeration.
  4. ‘I’m in a bit of a rush’ – Now, I never understand why people say that to me. What impact is that suppose to make? I do not process sales slowly for fun, in fact, I try to get you through as quickly as possible. So, when hit with this little line nothing makes me slower. If you’re in a rush plain and simple don’t go shopping.
  5. Look at the clock – Now, this is a big one. Look at the clock ladies and gentlemen. If it is five minutes till a store closes…. DO NOT GO IN! Be considerate, look at the workers. These kids are in college or high school, they’ve been ready to serve you from 9am till 5 pm sometimes even later. After work, they need to go home to finish an assignment before doing it all again. What alot of people don’t understand is that when they stay past 5pm – we don’t get paid anymore. we are paid till close, not till Simon decides he might go home.

That was for sure a major rant but I think sometimes that everyone needs to work a month in retail to understand what it’s like.

Hope all my fellow retailers make it through another week of madness!

All my love,

Aesthetically Basic -A millennial’s guide for millennials

New York Fashion Week – Trends we can all master

Hey Lovers,

It’s that time again, New York Fashion Week is here. Today I’m going to show you all the trends you can master yourself!! I know, we can all be that front row attendee… well kind of.

First stop is French luxury brand ‘Longchamp’ show, here we saw the fierce girl boss look, strong enough to own any boardroom. Mixing New York chic alongside grunge is exactly what fashion week needed. This look leaves you wondering how so many elements work so well. Both completely wearable and chic – this look has sold us and made us hungry to get it for ourselves.

Now believe it or not, not all fashion week looks need to come directly from the runway. Victoria Justice as seen below came in HOT to the event with her rock and roll styled ensemble.

Styling her look with a graphic tee and a snake print skirt, she avoided the need for jewellery embellishments completely! The look was styled down with some comfy knee high boots and loosely tossed hair – Victoria we are sure you had one of the most fabulous and comfiest looks of the night!

Lastly, Jeremy Scott Fashion Director of Mischino launched his show and of course did not disappoint!

Although it may not be completely wearable, for fashion lovers everywhere this is a collection delivering some major looks. This trend of bringing print to fashion is epic, it has allowed for freedom of speech and freedom to express yourself to come together in a revolutionary fashion (no pun intended!)

Well that is some of my top pics for this fashion week lovers!

Stay tuned for more,

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Aesthetically Basic – – A millennial’s guide for millennials

How to create your own fashion blog

Hey Lovers,

You asked for it so here it is!

Today i’m going to give you some of my absolute key tips to creating a fashion blog, that you probably haven’t heard before!!

TIP # 1

Pinterest– To begin any fashion blog you need a pinterest account, this site assists with ideas, inspo, advice and is a super easy way to draw traffic to your blog!

TIP # 2

Creative Market– I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again, this site is AMAZING!! Creative market allows for you to customise and create a unique website that has the ability to stand out from the rest. With reasonably priced themes and options it’s a great investment for serious bloggers.

TIP #3

Domain Security – Okay so this one you might know, it is super important to secure your domain guys! Across absolutely every platform whether you use it or not you have to secure them!! Please, please make sure they are owned by you. WordPress users this also means making sure you are a account.

TIP #4

Photos – now, what would a fashion blog be without photos?! Make sure you’re page is well light and stimulating to your readers. Making content that is visually pleasing is such a huge part of the job!

Now that’s all for now, I hope you got a few tips from me today lovers that have inspired you just a little more!

All my love,

Aesthetically Basic – A millennial’s guide for millennials

How to sell yourself as a Fashion Blogger

So you’re wondering why you aren’t cutting it with the bomb pictures you see the likes of Shani and Jaclyn are throwing out on the gram?

We’ll here are some super easy poses and tools to get you started!

  • Camera – especially those with Portrait mode
  • Confidence – Non – negotiable
  • Sunglasses – Instant coolness
  • A coffee cup – are we millennials if we aren’t fuelled by it?

Just kidding on a few of those guys! – Here are a few from my own account

Okay lets get down to it!

Pose like you know you’re a 10. Confidence can be seen through a photo so pose like you have a $100,000 sponsorship and it will come through in the photo.

Bright images are more aesthetically pleasing – the brighter and more colourful an image the more pleasing it is on the gram. Weird I know – we are creatures that like Aesthetically nice things – Well I mean read the name of the blog!

Now my final tip is actually the hack of all hacks – This is in no way uncovering any secrets or encouraging you to take part. The hack instagramers use is ‘Facetune’ – this app lets you enhance, brighten and alter an image. It has airbrush features that of course will give you that instagram glow but please use with caution and remeber ……… INSTAGRAM ISN’T REAL.

I hope this gave you a few ideas and insight into the instagram hacks our favs use!

Don’t forget to let me know your tips, tricks and of course don’t forget to follow for more content!

Love always,

Aesthetically Basic – A millennial’s guide for millennials

My Millennial Blogging Vow To Change Blogging Forever!

Hey lovers,

Wow that was an intense title!

Alot to promise hey?

We’ll i’ve had a few days of writer’s block, staring at the screen and deleting back every sentence I wrote. Frustration is an understatement.

My blog journey has lead me to here. You know how you always read – “Find your niche!” Well, I finally found mine, it took two years but here I am. My clique, squad, audience or NICHE whatever you want to call it is…… you. Yep, people just like me Millennials.

From now on you’ll see millennial at the forefront of my posts, i’m writing for me and in turn you!

So now we’ve covered that – my vow

I vow as a true millennial, to encourage, support and rise to the top WITH you.

Collabs, feedback, reading and encouraging you – i’m here lets be the business savy and unique generation we are.

All my love,

Aesthetically Basic – A millennial for millennials

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