The trouble of advice

Don’t you hate when you can see someone you care about making a mistake and there is nothing you can do about it?

One of my closest and dearest friends is making a terrible terrible mistake. Her boyfriend is toxic and constantly lets her down, he has ended things with her 2 times and they’ve only been offical for 4 weeks!

I feel like I’m watching a middle school relationship! I’ve had so much experience in this field and want to help her so bad but it’s beyond frustrating to see her running back to him time and time again.

Any advice on how to help her without pushing her away?

This is just crazy!

I just wanted to say how crazy I think it is that I’ve just seen you’re all so diverse! I can see most of my readers are from the USA or India how incredible! Australia, Greece, the UK, Netherlands and so so many more also read my blog. This makes me so excited to get to interact with so many people from other parts of the world! Thanks for checking in!


It happened for a reason…

I cried the same tears, I felt the same denial and I checked my phone just as much as you. It’s funny how you can give your whole self to someone, your personality, heart and happiness.  I didn’t see it getting better and I lost myself in my love for someone else who didn’t’ feel the same way.

It passes, it takes time but it slows and eventually that chapter becomes a distant memory. I thought my life would never get better, never be happy again I felt so lost.

5 month on I have never been happier. I feel back in love harder and stronger with someone who treats me so incredibly well, he gives me just as much happiness as I give him and now I know it happened for a reason.

Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations


Who are you?

Who are you?

I don’t know about you but I came on here to share advice and to ask for it. I want this place to be interactive! Follow me, comment below and I’ll do the same. It’s more fun when you know people are reading!!

Where you’re from? Answer this important question first do you add the milk then  the hot chocolate powder or the milk after??

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