Karma removes the drama

Hey lovers,

It’s been a while hasn’t it?

First of all thanks for waiting, I do love those of you that have reached out on twitter!

Karma I’d say this has had to have been the theme of July for me.

I have endured some pretty touch friendship moments in the past few weeks and I finally admitted to my family I can’t take anymore! I took some leave from work just to stop, reflect and breathe. It helped, I don’t want to say I had a breakdown but looking back on it all I can think is that is exactly what it was.

I struggle sometimes to understand what I have done to people for them to have such strong dislike towards me, I wish I could read minds!

My partner said something to me in this slightly dark time that struck a cord ‘ Have you ever thought maybe you aren’t the problem but the goal?’ This translates to ‘ Have you ever thought maybe they look at you and see your successes and it upsets them they don’t have the same? He’s pretty profound – I really think the kids an old soul ( He gets really grumpy over parking lines and staying up late haha).

So my lovers, I urge you to reflect and to realise maybe that person that has it out for you is just like our mum’s told us ‘ just jealous’

With all my love,

Ciao x


Everything is Grey

As one very wise woman said (tay tay) everything was grey. This is well and truly the colour of Winter 2018. I see trend after trend incorporating grey into their pieces and it is the best statement neutral I’ve come across. My favourite grey piece at the moment is my The Daily Edited monogrammed bag. It’s so compact, on trend and is so practical. My main reason behind this bag was for my Europe trip in December but I can’t get enough of it right now! Grey is a great way to take your outfit from blah to ahh real quick! Boots and wide hats are another win in my eyes. Below I’ve linked some of my favourite combinations, let me know what you think!

Ciao x


RIDE OR DIE – Skincare

Hello Lovers,

After a few crazy days I’m back!

I thought I might do something a little different in todays post, as I am a qualified makeup artist I thought I might give you some of my Ride or Die skincare products. These are the products I use religiously! These are all available at Mecca!

Makeup Remover:

  • Garner Micellar water – AUD $13- It works a treat if you put it on a makeup wipe highly recommend


  • Mario Badescu Acne facial cleanser – AUD $22 – I use this night and day it is so unbelievably affordable and works a charm, I’ve had the same bottle for at least 6 months it just never seems to run out!


  • Mario Badescu Aloe Vera Toner – AUD $22 – Is incredibly good, I tend to find the best results can be reached if you lean towards being loyal to one brand. They create products that complement their own.

Spot Treatments:

  • Mario Badescu Drying Lotion – AUD $24- This is a cult favourite and is as good as the reviews! Great low cost alternative to the more expensive options.
  • DRUNK ELEPHANT T.L.C Glycolic Night Serum – AUD $132 – Now before you run away, this is my forever gold item. I don’t as you can see spend a ridiculous amount on my skincare but this is my one exception. It is incredibly good at getting rid of black head and spots overnight I truly can’t live without it.

Hydration  Moisturiser:

  • DRUNK ELEPHANT B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel- AUD $75- I use this one after all my cleansing at night and straight after my shower in the morning. The key to great makeup is great skincare.


That’s all my loves,

Ciao x


Best face masks coming soon!

Drunk Elephant - TLC FRAMBOOS 50MLMario Badescu - Drying Lotion

When to move out of home?

Hey Lovers,

I hope your weekend as it draws to a close was as great as mine!

I have a question, at what age did you move out of home?

My partner and I are trying to decided whether to decide upon this big step with the hopes of us leaving the parental home when we turn 22.  I am aware most US readers move out when attending college but in Australia most of us generally live at home while  we study. We both are graduating, have been dating for a while now and are both lined up with jobs to secure us income.

What are your thoughts any advice, tips or tricks for moving out of home?

Ciao x


21 going on …. Oh my god I’m old!!

Hey Lovers,

Oh my gosh yes that’s right RIP to my birthday month until next year rolls around again!

I have officially been 21 years old for a month and wow what changes I have had.

I have had conversations of officially moving out of my family home – OMG

I have been looking at potentially getting my first dog – OMG ( suggestions of breeds welcome)

I have had 2 friends get engaged – OMG!

I graduate University next year- OMG!!!

I can’t believe these are even conversations and experiences I’m having!

I remember being in high school talking about what it would be like to move out and be independent and them being so far away and now I come home to find myself having a coffee and house hunting!

How times are changing hey, what exciting things are happening with you guys?

Ciao x


Check that Check!

Hey lovers,

Let’s talk winter wardrobe! When it comes to seasonal dressing let me just tell you I could not love winter more! I am here to offer my top tips and tricks to be the friend others flick snapchats to for outfit approval and being branded the ‘trendy friend’.

1 word lovers, Pintrest!

This is the holy grail, this site lets you search outfits and create boards where you can find inspo, I personally create them per season then whip it out during my shopping sprees to find similar outfits! It works a treat in finding outfits that can be paired with lots of different looks .. I vary rarely get seen wearing the same outfit twice because of this sneaky technique, finding accessories make or break an outfit!

This season I’ve found some of the on trend check products you can find from vogue, Harper’s Bazar and Elle on the cheap. Winter is the season you can say hell yes to whipped cream on your hot chocolate without everyone seeing it a day later, thanks to that gorgeous coat you just spent your last 3 pay checks on from Marcs.

For my Aussie readers, ‘The Iconic’ has some affordable options. I’m talking these Steels heels for only $30 and if you’re really in the mood to treat yourself I found these stunning boots in ‘Fashion Bunker’ (and yes they’re online too).  Your Check flare does not only have to be on your feet though, I love going all black and a checked skirt, very chic and fashion forward without drawing attention to yourself like you just stepped off the ‘MSGM’ runway.

When it comes to standing out as fashion forward but not wanting the .. “okay too far factor” I suggest making your accessories the wow factor. From those tassel earrings, to those dusk shoes let them be your self-expression.

Effortlessly flawless never goes out of style.

Ciao x

Ludic Life ☼ https://www.pinterest.com.au/ludiclife/

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 1.14.03 pm.png




I’ve got layers!

Yes to layers!

Hey there lovers, lets talk my new fav trend.

The comeback of the preppy chic is back in force and God do I love it. The Blair Waldorf days of cute headbands and collared tops are here to stay (for now)  and I for one am not complaining.

I’ve found dress shirts layered with a comfy jumper to be ideal for casual and effortlessly perfect attire this season. This style trend has been sweeping the Globe with the Kardashian clan and Gigi Hadid leading the charge.

Layered shirts are such an easy way to dress appropriate for any occasion, pairing with heels is an easy win too! This outfit hack is great for Work meetings to a casual coffee date , I love it and have been playing with it all season.

Below are some of my favourite combos, let me know what you guys think!

Ciao x

casquette gavroche, pull beige et chemise imprimée, skinny noir et bottines à talonDu such noch nach dem passenden Accessoires für dein Outfit? Jetzt auf www.nybb.deТвой серый свитер

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