Confessions of a traveling fashion queen

Hello my lovers,

Let us discuss the world-wide epidemic of over packing. Take a seat, grab a glass of wine and let’s dive into that suitcase you’re staring at.


The struggle of packing for amazing countries that are widely considered fashion capitals is a lot of pressure. To be fashionable and well prepared for any occasion is absolutely caused me some anxiety from time to time so let me assist you with my top three travelling tips!


  1. Pack black and a splash– black is a staple, this colour will save you. I always store at least five black tops in a suitcase. Generally, I go with one long sleeve and short bodysuit, two t-shirts and one woolly black top.


Wondering what that splash is? Well, a splash of colour of course! Accessories are a super easy way to achieve a chic look as well as keeping your suitcase full of room for your fashion binge that you and I both know is inevitable.

  1. The buy and toss technique- Now this and love or hate suggestion, leave your favourite boots at home and buy a cheap pair. Buy a pair you only slightly like, it will help you say goodbye at the end of the trip a lot easier.  Wear your subpar boots throughout your trip and toss them before you leave. This is a life saver, my constant concern for travelling is the weight of my suitcase I always seem to scrape by (Touch wood!!!) so when it comes to heading home the first things to go are the cheap shoes.


  1. Packing cubes save lives – Using packing cubes is the most efficient and well-organised way to maintain your suitcase throughout a trip. It also saves room…. for all the new clothes. They retail at approximately $10 AUD so don’t break the bank in any means.


I really hope this helped you as much as it helped me, all my love


Ciao x


The 21-year crisis

Primary school, a blissful habitation where I was so assured my twenty one year old self would have it all covered. At the ripe old age of twenty one years and seven months I can inform you without hesitation this is not the case.

The world is bigger and scarier than ever and the direction I am heading isn’t necessarily the one I have always dreamed of.


What is it that gives us the ability to know something is right?


To know something is our purpose?


To know if the person we love is actually ‘the one’?


I find with each passing month I have more pressure, more questions and fewer answers. At the time many of us are starting to begin a more planned and structured future, mine seems to hold more curve balls than anything else.


Holding out hope

Dear Lovers,

Have you ever wanted something so bad it consumes you?

I’m sitting here and all I can do is think about this job I interviewed for≥

I am hoping, praying and honestly checking my horoscope in the hopes I get this job. I have become obsessed with it and now is the time I’ll find out whether this dream will become reality.

I honestly can’t even describe this feeling. I’m nervous, excited, scared it’s like having butterflies on steroids!

Fingers crossed hey?

Have an incredible day or night wherever you are in the world,

Ciao lovers x

A Hot Minute

Hey Lovers,

I owe you an apology… I’m so sorry I haven’t been active as much as I usually am on here. Between launching my you tube channel, podcast and my blog I have really felt a bit overwhelmed. But enough of that! It has been a hot minute since we spoke so here are some life updates.

I have got an interview for my dream job next week which if I land I get to go to Melbourne for training!! ANNDDD It’s a job in fashion.. I know *dying*

This job will mean however I will need to say farewell to my manager’s job at my current employment – I do feel like it is well and truly my time to leave though.

In other news, my Europe trip is coming up fast and I’m beyond excited for it. But God it is expensive!

I hope you are all well,

I appreciate each and everyone of you!

Jump on to my youtube to see me in action

Ciao x


Hey lovers,

How exciting it’s fri-yay and the weekend is full of possibilities. Well, by that I mean full of uni work and youtube projects! I am slightly delayed on my first video due to my very average skills at working iMovie but we are almost there! I am currently sitting at uni, drinking my coffee and mentally preparing myself for the full on day ahead! Tomorrow is the start of my full weekend off and boy am I excited! I am going to spend it getting ahead on uni work as well as relaxing!! How are you spending your weekend?

Have an amazing Fri-YAY

Ciao x


Hello Lovers,

A quick post today! I just wanted to say thankyou! yes you! Thankyou for taking time out to hear what I have to say. This is so much fun for me I enjoy it all, work and uni can be so testing at times so I love having this supportive escape! If you have social media you’d like me to check out leave it in the comments I’d LOVE to see what you are upto!

So much love and gratitude always

Ciao x



The Art of Giving Too Many Fucks

Hello my fellow over thinkers,

A little fun fact about me … well more a crippling habit I have is that of an overthinker.

I have this amazing ability .. could even be considered a superpower of being able to make tiny things become a do or die moment life altering decision or action for me. Whether it be university, the need to plan my upcoming holiday with my significant other or even what time I’m meeting someone.. nothing ever just seems to be easy breezy for me.

The idea of spontaneity is something that is just foreign to me.

I can say opposites do attract, this is something I can put my hand on my heart and tell you is true. My partner is the most casual, laid back, go with the damn flow guy you’d ever meet, me on the other hand have a grand total of 0 of his traits. I guess that’s why we can be considered a close to perfect match.

Remarkably nothing phases him, he keeps me level headed and often refers to me by the pet name he’s created ‘day time Emmy’. Now if that isn’t an accurate description of me I don’t know what is!

What are your tips and tricks to keeping your overthinking minds from wandering a bit too far.

My latest trick is bath bombs and facemasks .. lush has quite a way with me

Ciao lovers x



Ever have those days where everyone tells you you’re having a bad day but it hasn’t registered with you yet…. like you’re oddly fine?

Today I failed a really important assignment, I had a tutor accuse me of copying and found out one of my employees thinks I’m not good enough to be manager.

Four times today I’ve been handed the saying “wow you’re having a bad day”

It  just hasn’t registered with me yet, my usual dramatic self would break down in tears and say why me but today I just haven’t bothered to care.. odd.

Funny enough I keep seeing myself look at the positives, “oh well I can resubmit for that task”, ” oh well it’s just one employee out of heaps” and ” I know I didn’t copy so what does it matter?”

Maybe this is a sign I’ growing up… who would have thought!

Good night my loves,

Ciao x

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