2020- Clearing the Vision

Bet you didn’t expect to hear from me.

Well happy 2020,

I hope this time apart has brought you as much clarity as it did for me.

I owe an explanation to you all, the kindest of souls! My heart was full with the amount of you whom felt the need to reach out through email and DM.

The darkness that began to enter into my once happy blog began to feel almost suffocating. My world was no longer positive, blogging began to feel like a chore. For hours I would brainstorm different strategies of how to hold onto the increasing attention my blog and Pinterest account was receiving.

It consumed and scared me.

One day I just stopped.

I felt a level of disappointment in myself for becoming so consumed by numbers, I needed time to remember why I began my account.

I’m done looking at the viewership, likes and comments.

I’m here for you…. and well me too!

This little blog started as a way to track my personal progress and to document all my thoughts as well as to read yours.

Forgive the lack of working widgets on my blog currently, it’s going to take some time to get back to full working order. Don’t be alarmed if there are a few tweaks to my page too!

If you want to have a looksy at my instagram the link is the big logo icon at the bottom of the page!

All my love,

Aesthetically Basic

How to be a Fashion Blogger

Hey Lovers,

So you want to become a fashion blogger huh?

Well here is my how to guide on how to get started.

First thing’s first, what is your drive?

This is going to be at the core of your blog, your motivation to keep going and your vision for the future. So think about it and then think a little harder again.

Mine is to grow my experience as a writer to one day work professionally and gain and understanding behind running a site.

This next point I know you know. FIND YOUR COMMUNITY – for more on this read my ‘Finding your blogging community’ article. You need to understand and produce for your audience and their needs. If 90% of your viewership lives in the UK, when a major event relating to the UK comes up, be sure to write about it.

Have an understanding of SEO and other techy things. Now yes, it’s a pain and takes time but there is no way your going to grow a community without understanding the importance of this. So, get googling and watching those YouTube videos.

Photos, photos and more photos. Get an understanding of aesthetics and how to enhance them. Look up some blogs and get inspo from them, see what’s working and what’s not ans build from there. As much as I love reading, blogs are a place to write but do require visual aids. Imagine reading about ‘New York Fashion Week’ and seeing no photos – that level of creativity is hard to visualise alone.

Lastly, to become a fashion blogger be sure to comment opinions on upcoming trends, fashion shows, celebrity Collab’s and share on ALL platforms of media in particular the hidden gem ‘Pinterest.’

All my love,

Aesthetically Basic –A millennials’ guide to life

‘Basically Abroad’ – The Runaway Snails

Paris the city of love, romance and some pretty spectacular buildings.

In no way did this city disappoint from the moment we arrived it felt as if we were in a postcard, if you’re looking for ‘aesthetically basic’ Paris is it.

J and I spent the day eating macaroons in a park below the Eiffel Tower, people watching the local Parisians and doing the typical hop on and hop off bus tour – we were so offensively foreign! It felt like perfection, I was close to swinging around lamp posts and dancing in the street.

 On our way back to our less than glamorous accommodation, we decided to go for a one night only splurge dinner.

We looked through dozens of menus before deciding to spend our savings on a world famous restaurant opposite the Opera House.  

Youngest in there by twenty odd years we felt apart of the elite Parisian society, if only for a few hours.

Our night began with a budding friendship J formed with the waiter Jan, we selected frog legs and snails for entrée.

Jan now on a first name basis, became very attached to the young Australian couple in the corner. Seeing the size of J he’s eyes sparkled with delight and he ran off. Weaving through the other dinners are new Parisian friend Jan came over with a one litre beer for my 6 ft 7 boyfriend excited at the idea of seeing someone finish one with ease.

J was more than happy to show Jan the Australian way and take him up on the challenge.  J thrilled to be dared took no more than ten minutes to polish off his ridiculous drink. You can imagine my delight with looking like we were attending a German drinking festival…… while at a five star restaurant.  Not very aesthetic.

When the frog legs came out my jaw hit the table much like genie in ‘Aladdin’, I couldn’t hide my shock. Would you not expect 8 at most on a plate?

Yeah, me too!! Think again, I was looking at a good 30 frog legs in the dish placed in front of me. I know you’re all dying to know what they tasted like, well think chicken but when you bite it, it springs back at you … gross!! Sorry Vegans that was a bit graphic!

The snails… well they don’t mention how slippery those suckers are hey?

My poor J diving into the cultural experience, jumped at the chance to use the contraption they placed in front of us. A part of me thinks they just give it to tourists for entertainment… I would!

I looked at J and spat out “Dear God J use your hands you’re going to launch it!” and just like a scene out of a movie as soon as the words left my mouth the snail resurrected and flew across the room, after what felt like hours it fell hitting someone’s shoe at the far table. *Cringe*  So there was no chance of me eating them after that!

The rest of the meal was smooth sailing, we opted for safer dishes of chicken and fish. To finish our incredible night we shared a beautiful Crème Brielle, now I understand why Zeek in ‘High School Musical’ loved them!

Paris, I hear a way to someone’s heart is through their stomach and you absolutely did that to me!

2019 Rundown


Hello Lovers,

How are we liking the new set up? My goal was to step it up for the new year! I know it’s way better on desktop so if that’s an option go for that!

Sadly, I’m back in the stifling heat of Australia rather than the brisk weather of my beloved U.K. But all good things must come to an end so time to get back out in the sun hey? Lets get that tanning oil out and bake.

A trip I’ll always remember, full of first experiences, new cultures, rebellious adventures and family. Keeping in mind my multiple sick days that at times left me bedridden but in whole was imperfectly perfect. We did actually video parts of the trip so fingers crossed when that is edited I’ll post it on here in case you’re interested.

2019 – What’s in store!

I have decided to tell a few funny stories from my travels in a series I’m calling an ‘Basically Abroad’  for that stay tuned!

 In other news I’ll also be posting some of my best tips and tricks from keeping panic attacks under control to my low calorie diet plans, even how to keep your space at home aesthetically basic!

They’ll be lots of fresh, new and frequent posts coming your way so don’t forget to subscribe to the mailing lists to be the first to read it all!

All my love,

Aesthetically Basic

l’amour from Paris

Hello Lovers,

Wishing you a wonderful day where ever you are residing in the world.

Sitting at a cafe in Paris is in many respects is just as good as climbing the Eiffel Tower. You come to feel the ambience of ‘The City of Love’, you come to be effortlessly chic and to watch as those so accustomed to this life go about their day.

Coming to Paris I’ve experienced the culture, seen beautiful marble and gold buildings surrounding the city and pretended I’m Miranda from ‘Devil Wears Prada’, such a movie buff.

As I sit here looking at the world pass me by; I’m intrigued, the people that pass me are elegant, glamorous and perfectly Parisian.

I am undoubtedly a tourist with my mustard scarf and Tumblr glasses on, if it isn’t black you simply aren’t dressing like a Parisian.

Tonight’s menu consists of frog legs and snails, an initiation?

Paris I adore you,

Merci for letting me see a little slice of heaven

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